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Trying to conceive with no luck? Learn ways to boost your fertility, options for testing and when it’s time to get the experts involved.


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We support everyone’s family-building journey. And we mean everyone.  If you want to have a baby but have no idea where to start, let us guide you.

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About BHF

As Marketing Director for the largest network of fertility practices in North America, and as someone who had been struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss for years, my time had come. I was going to make a difference.

I dove head-first into all things IVF; taking a crash course in the science, entrenching myself in focus groups, and listening to, literally, thousands of real-life patients who were desperate to build their families. Heartbreak was an understatement.

That's why I created Big Happy Family, the community for individuals who are building their families through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). We provide emotional, physical and financial support to help make their journey less stressful and a whole lot happier.

We proudly believe every family is unique and that every family should be celebrated.

Jill Mara Hamilton - is the founder of Big Happy Family