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Entering the IVF journey? Exploring the idea of surrogacy? No matter how you are building your family, or in what stage of that process you might be in, the guidance, support, and community that you have been searching for is all right here.

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“Finally”, I thought. As Marketing Director for the largest network of fertility practices in North America, and as someone who had been struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss for years, my time had come. I was going to make a difference.

From day one, I dove head-first into all things IVF; taking a crash course in the science, entrenching myself in focus groups, and listening to, literally, thousands of real-life patients who were desperate to build their families. Heartbreak was an understatement.

For many, the physical toll of fertility treatment was the least of it. I witnessed the strongest relationships erode. I saw bank accounts dwindle into nothing. And yet, as unique as everyone’s struggle was, they all reported feeling the same exact way: isolated.

Back in the office, budgets were being cut. Conversions from web leads to appointments became king. And, as much as everyone walked around the office talking about the ‘importance of the patient experience’, that’s all it was - just talk, a pull quote in my board presentation. My hands were tied.

Eventually, I moved on to a new job with a loftier title and a higher salary, but I was left increasingly unfulfilled. Not one day went by that I didn’t think of the patients. Why hadn’t somebody found a way to help them? Then, one morning, as I watched my 3-year-old daughter playing in an open field near our new Florida home, it hit me that that somebody was me. 

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